Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone have a colonic?

No, some people are unable to have a colonic due to past surgery or illnesses. Please see contraindications on the Welcome page.

How long does it take?

Each Colonic takes about 40 minutes however, please allow longer especially for your first treatment as you do need to complete a medical history form.

Does it hurt?

No the experience is actually quite relaxing and because the rectal tube is inserted just 3 cm you hardly feel it. You may feel some cramping during the treatment and this is generally an indication of an imminent release.

What should I eat before a Colonic?

It is best to just eat light meals before and after having your colonic.

What if my appointment falls when it is the “wrong time of the month” for women?

It is fine to have a Colonic during this time.

I am pregnant, can I have a Colonic?

Colonics cannot be performed if you are in the first or third trimester.

I have polyps, am able to have a Colonic?

Yes, in fact regular colonics are excellent for expelling the matter that is causing the polyp.

I have frequent bouts of diarrhoea, can Colonics help that?

Colonics may help because there if obviously a problem with your digestive system.

How many Colonics should I have?

That will depend on the severity of your problems and the reason for your visit. If your visit is to maintain wellness, it is recommended you have a colonic twice a year. However, if you are suffering digestive including bowel problems it is best to have 4 treatments initially.

If I have severe problems, can I have consecutive Colonics?

Yes you can have colonics daily, which is excellent if you are on a juice or other detox program.

Could having a Colonic perforate my bowel?

We do not believe so. With the LIBBE system, the water is gravity feed, therefore it is very gentle and water is not forced into your colon.

My Doctor doesn't recommend this treatment.

It would be best to ask the reasons why. Often when an alternative treatment is introduced, it is not something mainstream medicine quickly recommends. It is not that long ago that Chiropractors were not recommended by Doctors, however, they are now readily accepted.

Will this treatment upset the Gut Flora balance?

When there is a build up of waste and toxins in the colon this is a breeding ground for unfriendly bacteria. By ridding your bowel of accumulated matter and disease causing toxins, you are in fact removing the environment in which the unfriendly bacteria breed. This provides a habitat for the good bacteria to thrive and you reap the health benefits.

How will I feel after the session?

This is different with every individual. Some people feel light and clear-headed immediately and for others this comes later. Most say “that feels much better” and many women love the fact they have a flat tummy. Because the cleanse releases toxins from your colon this will have an affect on other organs in your body and you may feel fatigued after the session. This is usually dependent upon the levels of toxicity in the body due to lifestyle and medications. Generally this feeling lasts just an hour or two.


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