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  • Chew your food at least 20 times per mouthful. Become mindful when eating. Eating too quickly means eating too much.
  • Recognise when you are full and had enough to eat. It takes roughly 20 minutes for the brain to recognise that you are full therefore by slowing your eating, you will help your digestive system enormously and you will maintain a healthy weight.
  • Don't drink with your meal have a big glass of water before eating, or wait 20 minutes afterward.
  • Eat for what you are about to do, not for what you have done earlier that day or yesterday.
  • Eat mainly alkaline foods eg vegetables and fruit. Attempt to have 80% daily.
  • Buy locally and in season. If something has been imported it can be months old.
  • Don't eat between meals, if you are peckish have some fruit or a few nuts (not peanuts).
  • Eat organic where possible you don't know what has been sprayed on non-organic foods.



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