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Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

At Liberty Colonics we use a LIBBE colonic device.  It is TGA registered in Australia and is an Open system.  How it works:  After being shown how to get on and off the unit, the client inserts a small rectal tube (diameter of a pencil) just 3cm into the rectum.  Warm filtered water is gravity fed to the LIBBE colonic unit via a double filtration system. The tube stays in place during the entire treatment, and all water and matter comes out around the tube down the well out through the view tube and into the normal sewerage system. There is no mess and no smell as there is an extractor fan attached beneath the unit. During the Colonic process you have the option of a relaxing abdominal massage which can aid in the elimination process. Each treatment takes about 40 minutes.

Zen Chi (included with colonic)

Do you suffer from lack of exercise, stress, back pain, poor circulation, nervous tension or menstrual pain? The Zen Chi may help alleviate these symptoms.

The Zen Chi device stimulates the body in order to improve your health. Body detoxification is improved via enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis (involuntary digestive tract muscles), which results in a higher metabolic rate.

This can help relieve the symptoms of ::

Insomnia Weight problems Arthritic pain
Stress and tension Aches and pains Lack of exercise
Lethargy Digestion imbalance Poor posture

At Liberty Colonics you are placed on the Zen Chi machine for 5 minutes prior to your colonic as this helps you to relax and it improves your lymphatic system as discussed above.

Dry Brushing ($10.00)

Dry brushing improves the lymphatic function which in turn strengthens your immune system, stimulates the hormone producing glands and stimulates circulation. As well as organ benefits, it also removes layers of dead skin and tightens the skin to prevent premature aging.

If the lympth system is not flowing properly the immune system is not able to kill invading foreign matter – including cancer cells. Unlike the blood which has the heart to pump it around the body, your lymph fluid relies on you to get it around the body. You can help get lympth fluid flowing by regular exercise, body massage, and dry brushing.

Your body needs to perspire freely and if the pores are clogged your body is unable to perspire, therefore, waste and toxins get trapped in the body = body odour!

How to Dry Brush

Because the lymph fluid flows to the heart, it is important that you dry brush toward it. Therefore, long strokes up your legs and body toward your heart, put your arms upward and brush down and brush from your neck down towards your heart. Brush across your breasts from the middle of your body toward your armpits. Your back is best brushes by someone else and this should be completed from the neck down.

For your feet - ION Detox Foot Spa ($45.00)

A detox is the removal of toxic substances from the body. One form of detox is an Ion Footspa which is a very gentle yet effective and powerful way to detox the body.

An ion footspa uses minerals and water to extract toxins from the body through the pores in the soles of your feet. Patients sit for 50 minutes with their feet submerged in water and during this time toxins are pulled from the body and into the water.
Some benefits include:

  • Eliminate toxins
  • Improve our immune system therefore strengthening the body's fight against cancer cells
  • Enables your circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems to work more efficiently.

This is a great way to physically see the toxins that have been removed from your body. The water changes colour depending on what you are ridding yourself of.

For your ears ($30.00)

This is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment that is simple, safe and pain free.  The process involves placing a hollow candle gently into the ear and lighting the exposed end.  This flame gently draws out impacted waste matter, candida and infections. Ear Candling can help relieve the symptoms of sinus, tinnitus, and is very efficient in the removal of compacted ear wat.  It is also know for its ability to relieve stress and headaches/earaches. The ear candles used are 100% beeswax and 100% cotton and are 100% Australian made and owned.

For the ladies (from $8.00)

Here at Liberty Colonics we are always interested in finding out about products that enhance our health. One area of particular interest is ladies sanitary products. These pads have a unique ion strip which kills 99.9% of bacteria, thereby negating any smell we might experience at that time of the month. They are made with all new products, (not recyled bleached or chemicalised with industrial glues that can generally be purchased from the supermarket) but they have more than twice the absorbancy of other pads on the market. They are available in Day ($8) Night ($8) and pantyliners ($10). Wholesale enquiries are welcome – no abn necessary.

Go to www.winaliteaustralia.com to view all the products available and available to you at wholesale prices.


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