Pammyflo Ward"I am passionate about Colonic Hydrotherapy because I know first hand the many benefits that it provides, having suffered from past digestive problems myself. I felt the benefits after my very first Colonic and now I am proud to be able to health others to improve their health and wellbeing..."
Pammyflo Ward - Colonic Hydrotherapist

We love to hear how Colonic Hydrotherapy has made a difference to your life.

What a great morning programme to fit into a week's detox with my colleagues and myself: a colonic, foot detox and a face mask. Pam provided an excellent professional cleansing time for us. We came out squeaky clean inside and out. Thanks Pam for providing such an important health care service for those on the path doing transformative change-work on themselves. My colleagues and I feel so much better and freer for having had the morning cleansing programme with you in your beautifully set out clinic.

- Robyn Fernance
I am delighted to say, Pammyflo at Liberty Colonics is my “Poo Guru”.

Over time, with Pam's easy, informative, professional manner, I have come to look forward to my regular colonic sessions and the health benefits they give.

In the past, I had experienced the discomfort of chronic constipation resulting in painful haemorrhoids. In more recent years my digestive system changed to constant diarrhoea. I realised that both conditions indicated a dysfunctional digestive system at best and a toxic system at worst. I had no relief from these symptoms until the magic of colonic hydrotherapy.

I highly recommend Pammyflo and her fantastic Libbe System.

- Helen P
I have been extremely impressed with Liberty Colonics. Doctors were going to remove part of my bowel before I heard about hydrotherapy. After several months of treatment with Pam, my symptoms are now manageable. She has been a critical component in restoring my health and I am very pleased with the results! I have avoided surgery and I am feeling great. Pam is a professional practitioner who is incredibly dedicated and attentive to those in her care. I can definitely say that I'd recommend Pam to anyone.

- Greg
I found my experience having colonics immediately made me feel lighter and it cleared my mind. I was able to think clearer and take more responsibility for myself and my health and each week I felt healthier and happier in myself.

I would highly recommend Liberty Colonics to anyone who is feeling sluggish or low on energy as it re-vitalizes your body and enables you continue on a whole new path of health. Thank you Pammyflo for enabling me to get my life and health back on track.

- Helen K
I was given a colonic voucher as a birthday gift and found that I was both pleasantly surprised with the relaxing atmosphere and the simplicity of the whole process. Pam has a natural ability to help people feel at ease and is passionate about sharing the importance of health and well-being as a whole.

I am enthusiastic and excited to recommend Liberty Colonics to anyone looking to improve their health and vitality…it is GUARANTEED to change your life.

- Simone G
Kearsley NSW
Pam provides an excellent service that is warm, comfortable, nurturing and cleansing. Regular colonics have been a major influence on my body healing from Cancer and I am grateful to have found such a generous and professional colonic hydrotherapist. Pam’s system is sparkling, comfortable and effective. Thanks Pam for being such a brilliant therapist!

- Sam A
Cessnock NSW
I Love Liberty Colonics. Pam is so lovely, explains the 'ins and outs' of it all very well and is very nurturing with the belly massage. The process is easy, I was a little nervous the first time but it was great and her facility is so clean. It truly is an amazing and freeing experience and I learn something new every time I go.

- Cathy
Polkolbin, Hunter Valley NSW
I am a 55 yr old woman who has suffered with irritable bowel syndrome all my life, Pam's colonic unit brought me into a place of having normal regular bowel movements and feeling good in my digestive tract. I am very grateful.
- April
We have both had several colonic treatments with Pam at Liberty Colonics now and have found her to be most professional and caring in her manner. She is always bright and cheerful and nothing is too much trouble for her to do to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed whilst having your treatment. Her interest and knowledge in personal health is quite evident in her enthusiasm and willingness to share what she knows about the body and what’s good for it, a lot from personal experience herself. We both would have absolutely no hesitations recommending her to other people and will be continuing to use her services for ourselves as we just love how great we feel after a session. Just ask for the warm wheatbag in the cooler times - it's the best.
- Joanne and Scott

A big thank you to those we have received testimonials from, it is always rewarding to know you have helped somebody...and of course encouraging to others who are considering Colonic Hydrotherapy. See what our friends are saying on facebook and like our Liberty Colonics page to receive the latest updates and advice.


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